Broiled cod with saffron & orange aioli


One of the most traditional Spanish broiled cod recipes is broiling aioli on cod, and in this one we use our Garlic Aioli with Saffron & Orange, which adds a unique Mediterranean aroma to this updated classic. When broiled, the aioli releases its saffron and orange aroma, the natural sugars from the orange and garlic caramelize, producing a fabulous crust and delicious taste. You can use this method on any number of other fish as well such as monkfish or sea bass.

Our Garlic Aioli with Basil & Lemon also works very well in dishes like these, providing a tangier, more subtle taste combination.



  1. Marinade the codfish with 2 spoonfuls of the Garlic Aioli with Saffron & Orange.
  2. Sear in a hot pan on all sides for 1-2 minutes each side.
  3. Cover the top with 1 spoonful of Garlic Aioli with Saffron & Orange and transfer to an ovenproof dish.
  4. Broil in the oven for 2-3 minutes until the aioli is browned.
  5. Serve hot.


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