Why gluten-free products?

Our oldest daughter is intolerant to both gluten and sugar. The entire experience of detecting her intolerances due to her young age was very difficult and made us suffer tremendously. We didn’t know what was going on, almost to an extreme, and she didn’t start to get better until we eliminated gluten and sugar from our lives. It’s a reality that sensibilities, allergies, and intolerances to gluten are growing year after year. The number of people that suffer due to this protein is considerably large due to the fact that very often it goes undetected in many people.

Our reason behind creating gluten free recipes is based on our belief that it shouldn’t be difficult for the maximum number of people to be able to eat well, healthy, and full of flavor. So for those with dietary restrictions, as well as for those who choose to control or eliminate gluten from their diets, and even for those that don’t even know that it doesn’t sit well with them, they have an entire exquisite range waiting for them: our Delicious & Sons gluten free products.

To have peace of mind while consuming any of our products transmits our passion for the joy of eating. Our inspiration was our little girl, who now can feel the same passion as we do for eating well.