Organic Certification
Our Delicious & Sons products are certified organic both in Europe (EU Organic) and in the United Stated (USDA Organic). Being an organic and ethical brand is very important to us. We are a family company and we work every day to improve our social conscience, constantly working and investigating on what it means for the brand to have social responsibility.
This type of agriculture is a system based on autonomous farming, optimizing the resources that nature gives us. In addition, its benefits go beyond what we eat because not using chemicals in the fertilizing process or to combat pests has positive health effects on everyone involved from planting to harvesting.
We are very proud to have achieved this certification for our products because it also gives us peace of mind. It makes a clear statement on our outlook towards life, and not only on the products we offer.
This certification gives life, health, and without a doubt respect for the seasons of the earth, nature, and everything that surrounds it: from the seed to the final product in the jar, because in short, this certification takes care of us all.
All of our products are certified organic except for our black and white truffle products, due to the fact that our truffles are harvested in the wild and cannot be organically certified.