Vegan Certification

Veganism is clearly an option that is in wonderful balance with oneself and what surrounds us. Being vegan is not only about following a certain diet, but also is related to one’s own ethics and the environment. Veganism is a rejection of consuming or using any products or services of animal origin. Donald Watson coined this term in 1944 when he founded the Vegan Society, with the basic premise of respect for all living creatures. It is a philosophy and way of life that we respect tremendously and to which we feel connected.

Our Delicious & Sons products are certified by the European Vegetarian Union as VEGAN, except for: Basil Pesto Genovese and Pesto Rosso with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, both made with Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP cheese, and our Puttanesca Sauce which contains anchovies. In these cases, we have been inspired by traditional recipes, not wanting to eliminate any ingredient in the process of creating the most authentic recipe possible.