Vegetarian Certification

Vegetarianism is similar to veganism in that many people choose it as an attitude, a way of life, beyond pure dietary options, as a rejection of the use of animals to produce consumer goods.

There are different ways to understand vegetarianism and people decide their own adherence according to their interests. Today we see diets such as Flexitarian which has gained many followers, which is based on a flexible vegetarian diet, or sporadically consuming certain foods of animal origin. In the end, whatever path you choose, as long as it is healthy, organic, and sustainable, it is worthy of respect, and for that reason we created our unique range of Delicious & Sons.

Our Delicious & Sons products are certified by the European Vegetarian Union as VEGETARIAN, except for: Basil Pesto Genovese and Pesto Rosso with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, both made with Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP cheese, and our Puttanesca Sauce which contains anchovies. In these cases, we have been inspired by traditional recipes, not wanting to eliminate any ingredient in the process of creating the most authentic recipe possible.