2021 Impact Report

2021 Impact Report — Delicious & Sons

The Planet needs us more than ever and for that we are thrilled to share with you Delicious & Sons’s 2021 Impact Report on the environment and our communities.

We hope you’ll be interested in learning more about our work in making the world a better place.

Mónica Navarro & Ricky Mandle

2021 Impact Report — Delicious & Sons

Choosing Delicious & Sons, you not only buy high-quality healthy products but also help the planet. For every online and/or Amazon order we will plant a tree in your name* to compensate for the CO2 emissions derived from the shipment of your product.

For more information visit our Virtual Forest

(*You can personalize the tree in your name for purchases larger than $25.)

Thanks for being part of the Fight against Climate Change!

2021 Impact Report — Delicious & Sons

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