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This is our way of thanking and giving back what we have been given. Delicious & Sons’s activism, creating a positive environmental and social impact, taking into account each step of our value chain and acting towards a basic goal:




Mediterranean-Beach-Cleanup-2019Mediterranean Cleanup – Annual multi-dimensional cleanup of the beach and the sea in Calella de Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava in Spain. pollution that is choking our beloved Mediterranean: beaches and seas full of garbage, more or less visible, but that is undoubtedly there. Let’s take care of this wonderful Mediterranean that gives us so much: it feeds us, entertains us, brings us peace, and adventures…


Delicious & Sons Earth Day 50 Collaboration

Earth Day Initiative – From NYC and for the planet, this non-profit work to raise awareness for Climate Change and other environmental issues.


Olivia Mandle Earth Day 50Letter to the Earth - Earth Day 50 Delicious & Sons
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Net Zero Emission 2030 Delicious & Sons

Commitment to Net Zero Emissions by 2030 together with over 500 other certified B Corporations.


Tree Nation by Delicious & Sons

Since 2019 we have created our own “forest” through which we compensate our own CO2 emission. Starting in November 2020, we will plant a tree for every online sale on our own website and across all Amazon platforms to compensate the shipping of each order. We have also decided that all company gifts will be trees. Can you think of a better gift?  Visit our virtual forest here.


Delicious & Sons Collaborates with Assis BarcelonaCommunity Outreach:

Assís: Ongoing collaboration with Assís, a non-profit in Barcelona that works with those that are socially excluded and at-risk.


Mid-Hudson WorksOur warehouse and logistics partner in the U.S., Mid-Hudson Works, only employs disabled war veterans and others with disabilities. We have proudly been working with them since we launched.


COVID-19-Action-SummaryClick here to see a summary of our social activities during the initial wave of COVID19 in the Spring of 2020.
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