B Corp Gift Basket for a Sustainable Christmas

B Corp Gift Basket for a Sustainable Christmas — Delicious & Sons

By now we know that in 2020 we won’t have our company Christmas get-togethers. However a non-event could make room for something new that also brings a smile to our face and makes a lasting impression on the team.

Delicious & Sons doesn’t want to leave anyone out this Christmas, so we teamed up with other B Corps to create a one of a kind gift basket: a gift filled with positive impact, that goes beyond just one night (from products to be enjoyed at holiday meals, to products that can be planted, to things that last like a Himalayan wild hemp paper holder).

The B CORP GIFT BASKET leaves a lasting feeling with the team and allows to end the year with a smile knowing you are creating a positive impact.

If you’re interested in purchasing this gift basket for your company, friends, or family get in touch with us at: hello@deliciousandsons.com

Thank you:

B Lab Spain
Flax & Kale
Teresa Carles Healthy Foods
Pacari Chocolate

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