Delicious & Sons Receives 2017 Bronze Laus Award

Delicious & Sons Receives 2017 Bronze Laus Award — Delicious & Sons

Laus Awards: recognizing excellence in graphic design and visual communication

Every year the the ADG Laus Awards for Graphic design and Visual Communication recognize the best new projects in more than 50 areas across 5 different categories: Graphic Design, Digital, Advertising, Audiovisual, and Students.

The Laus Awards promote design, and its cultural and economic importance in society, and support the professional sector.

This year, in its 47th edition, all the hard work and development behind our brand, corporate image, and packaging was awarded with a Bronze Laus Award. We are thrilled and honored to have received this award.

We would like to thank ADG Laus for the award, which we receive with tremendous gratitude to our design agency, Clase Bcn, for their dedication and the incredible work they created with Delicious & Sons.

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