Every action makes an impact

Every action makes an impact — Delicious & Sons

Last April 21, Delicious & Sons celebrated Earth Day with different activities, one of which was a Mediterranean cleanup at Barceloneta beach, in Barcelona.

In just one hour, we picked up a huge amount of trash that had been left in the sand: soda and beer cans, cigarette butts, plastic containers, straws…

We have all contributed little by little to destroy our habitat and it solely depends on us for its survival. Although every year we enjoy connecting with our planet and with you on this special day, Earth Day should be every day.

Small actions, like mindful consumption, reducing to necessary quantities, and choosing transparent, sustainable, environmentally responsible brands, help us diminish our carbon footprint. Our decisions lead us to the world we want.

Thank you for being part of the Fight against Climate Change.

We also had prepared a little present for our big activists:

Hope to see you all again next time!

Every action makes an impact — Delicious & Sons

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