THANKS to you, today the Mediterranean is cleaner


THANKS to you we raised awareness for a garbage-free Mediterranean.

We did it! Now the Mediterranean is a little cleaner thanks to you, but above all we have been able to create a chain of awareness about the terrible footprint that humans are leaving on our oceans.

At Delicious & Sons we take care of the sea all year round, but this activity aims to raise awareness and show the value of our Mediterranean, as well as giving back a part of everything it gives us.

Thanks to all the people who came and dedicated part of your morning to taking care of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the Palafrugell City Council (Ajuntament de Palafrugell) for co-organizing this cleanup for the 4th consecutive year.

Thank you @oliviamandle for your tireless work as an activist to take care of the sea and for your fight for animal rights.

Thanks to Roots & Shoots, the educational program of the Jane Goodall Institute for their collaboration.

Thanks to all the local collaborating entities that make this action possible with their boats, scuba diving equipment, kayaks, and paddle boards.

Ajuntament de Palafrugell
Instagram: @ajpalafrugell
Twitter: @ajpalafrugell

Medi Ambient Palafrugell:
Instagram: @mediambient_ajpalafrugell

Olivia Mandle:
Instagram: @oliviamandle

Instituto Jane Goodall España
Instagram: @janegoodallespana
Twitter: @JaneGoodallEspa

Raíces y Brotes España:
Instagram: @raicesybrotes_esp
Twitter: @RaicesyBrotes

Poseidon Costa Brava:
Instagram: @poseidoncostabrava
Twitter: @PoseidonCalella

Triton diving:
Instagram: @tritondiving

Tourist service
Instagram: @tourist_service

Mar a la vista
Instagram: @maralavista

Hort del Silenci
Instagram: @hortdelsilenci
Twitter: @HortdelSilenci

Thanks for the photos:
Maud Penella – Instagram: @maud_penella
Inés Valencia – Instagram: @inesvalencia_fotofamiliar

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