WE CARE Menorca: Part III


During several long days, we accompanied the young activist Olivia Mandle as she raised awareness from beach to beach to people interested in learning to take care of and respect Menorca.

On Sunday, the last day, she was visited by Menorca television station, IB3, where they filmed her live workshop on how to build the “Jelly Cleaner”, the tool she created in 2019 to clean microplastics from the sea.

It was a tough day due to the high temperatures, but the satisfaction of seeing people of all ages using their own “Jelly Cleaner” was enormous.
For those interested in building their own homemade tool, Olivia has a step-by-step video tutorial of how to build it on her website and on her YouTube channel.

The crystal-clear water of the Platja de Son Bou beach was witness to the environmental workshop, in which, once again, plastics and microplastics were all too present in the reality that our Mediterranean suffers.

We refreshed with a delicious meal by the owners of the eco-friendly hotel Ses Sucreres, in their outdoor patio that breathes authenticity and incredibly good taste.

Thanks to Monica Bedmar and her honest and attentive lens for the wonderful photos.

@Monica Bedmar

Thanks to Anna from Artchimboldi, the Hotels Ses Sucreres and Hevresac for making this possible.

@Hotel Ses Sucreres

Thanks to Victor Carretero and GOB Menorca for all the knowledge.

@GOB Menorca

Thanks to Paddle Tour Menorca for coming and supporting Olivia and us, WE CARE, the most activist area of Delicious & Sons.

@Paddle Tour Menorca

Thanks to the young activist and animal rights fighter Olivia Mandle.

@Olivia Mandle

Thanks to IB3, Television of Balearic Island, for joining us and broadcasting the day.

@IB3 Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears

WE CARE Menorca: Part III — Delicious & Sons

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WE CARE Menorca: Part III — Delicious & Sons

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