We Wish You a Happy & Green Holidays

We Wish You a Happy & Green Holidays — Delicious & Sons

We are coming to the end of 2020, preparing for a hopeful start to 2021.

Nature always supports us, it is always there. It is like our faithful companion who never betrays us. During this 2020, there seemed to be a resurgence. It resurfaced from its fires, from the thawing, from ruthless pruning and felling. It resurfaced from abuse. It resurfaced from plastic… It resurfaced, distancing itself from us humans and was revived.

In 2020, animals reclaimed a little bit of space and their freedom back. While we, the so-called “humans”, looked on with surprise and even humor.

These Holidays are full of meaning and should be be a time of reflection, appreciation, gratitude and real desire to change our small daily acts in search of a better world. Otherwise, we will continue to participate in our own extinction.

Let’s be optimistic and strive for high levels of activism.

Let’s seek love, friendship and companionship, regardless of the distance, creating powerful, sincere and deep ties.

Let us seek joy by thinking of a better world.

During these Holidays, we have a great opportunity to start the New Year fresh, drawing our lives with a New color, a New format, a New option. Let’s paint a different picture. Let’s create the most precious work of art we can – let us imagine and toast to a better world.

Happy, delicious and mindful Holidays.

Message from Mónica Navarro
CEO & Co-Founder Delicious & Sons


We Wish You a Happy & Green Holidays — Delicious & Sons

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