Merry Delicious & Happy Holidays 2021

Merry Delicious & Happy Holidays 2021 — Delicious & Sons

Once again this Christmas, humanity faces what is without a doubt a consequence of how we treat our home, our Planet Earth. Today more than ever, we are forced to reflect on a change in habits and consciousness. Reflections that should be transformed into respect for the place that today allows us to be our home. Humanity is in crisis, a crisis caused by us, humans. What else needs to happen before we begin to act, to make decisions, to change things?

Here at Delicious & Sons we fight every day so that the seeds we plant can really have a positive impact, mission-driven, leading the most important and necessary objective of our project.

In the Mediterranean we control our ingredients from seed to jar so that they reach your table full of flavor, health, and sustainability.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay safe, and enjoy sharing a table with the people most important in your life. Live the magic of the holidays, wherever you are.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook these holidays, here are some recipe ideas. You can find these and many more on our web.

Merry Delicious & Happy Holidays 2021 — Delicious & Sons
Merry Delicious & Happy Holidays 2021 — Delicious & Sons

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