Olivia Mandle, Activist – First Letter to the Planet for Earth Day Initiative New York City


Today we kick off the week-long celebration organized by Earth Day Initiative to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, as we applaud Mother Earth and tell her we’re here for her.

Delicious & Sons was supposed to be in New York today and participate as they closed Union Square for the wonderful event. But now due to #COVID19 the event has gone online.

Olivia Mandle, our daughter, and Climate Change activist, has written several letters dedicated to the planet that she was going to read at the event in New York. So now from from home isolation, we share with you the first of these letters. Let the party begin! Today starting at 4pm in New York, 10pm Barcelona, let’s celebrate our Mother, our origin, our Earth.

This is Olivia’s first letter to the Earth, dedicated to Earth Day Initiative:

Hello, I’m Olivia Mandle, pacifist and activist for the planet.

Today I was going to participate with my parents’ ethical food brand, Delicious & Sons, in New York City, along with Earth Day Initiative and March For Science, in an incredible event in the fight for Climate Change and Mother Nature: Earth Day 50.

This is the first of several letters I have written to Mother Earth that I want to dedicate to Earth Day Initiative and the amazing work they’ve done on its 50th anniversary.

Dear Earth,

I want to paraphrase a fragment of the theoretical letter written by Native American Chief Seattle of the Duwamish Tribe in 1855 to Franklin Pierce, then President of the United States.

“We should never forget this beautiful earth because she is our mother. We are part of the earth and she is part of us. The scented flowers are our sisters: the horned beasts, the horse and the majestic eagle are our brothers.

The sparkling water that runs in the rivers and streams is not only water; it is the blood of our ancestors. The rivers are our sisters and calm our thirst. The rivers carry our canoes and feed our children.

However, now to many, the earth is not her brother, but her enemy, and when they have conquered it, they move on.

The sight of your cities pains our eyes. But perhaps it is because we are savages and do not understand.

There is no quiet place in the cities. No place to listen to the leaves of spring or the rustle of insect wings.

We prefer the soft sound of the wind itself cleansed by a mid-day rain or scented by a pine tree.

The air is precious to us. For all things share the same breath –the beasts, the trees, and humans. Most people do not seem to notice the air they breathe. The air is precious to us, the air shares its spirit with all the life it sustains.

They must treat the beasts of this land as his brothers.

I have seen thousands of rotting buffaloes on the prairie left by those who shot them from a passing train. I am a savage and do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be more important than the buffalo that we kill only to stay alive.

What is man or woman without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, we would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beast also happens to us. All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.

Everything that affects the earth affects the sons and daughters of the earth. When we spit on the ground, we spit on ourselves.

We know this: the earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth. We have not woven the net of life but are just a mere thread in it. Everything we do to this net we do to ourselves. What befalls the earth will befall the sons and daughters of the earth.

When the buffalo are all slaughtered, the wild horses all tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with the scent of many men, and the view of the ripe hills blotted by the talking wires, where is the thicket? Gone. Where is the eagle? Gone. And what is it to say goodbye to the swift and the hunt?

The end of living and the beginning of survival.”


Dear Earth, we hear your call, and we are ready to ACT NOW!

More information at:
Earth Day Initiative
March For Science

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