Porridge: trendy or healthy meal?

Porridge: trendy or healthy meal? — Delicious & Sons

This is probably one of the most photographed recipes on Instagram recently, but we know it is much more than just a trend.

In reality, there’s very little reason that porridge should be considered “cool”, but now you can’t seem to find a diet that doesn’t include porridge recipes. Further, porridge, English in origin, is hailed as the perfect breakfast by health specialists.

In Spain we know it as “gachas”. In China they eat a similar dish called “congee” o “jook” whose principal ingredient is rice. The variation of the main ingredient is related to the country where it is being made, although it is English in origin, in many countries there are similar recipes that way back in their culinary tradition.

Porridge: trendy or healthy meal? — Delicious & Sons

The wonderful thing about this dish is that if we incorporate It into our routine it will change the way we start the day. For kids it is a complete and healthy breakfast, and if they start eating from when they are little, they will love it and will ask for it.

You can vary the ingredients depending on what is available at home and what they feel like putting in it: nuts, berries, fresh fruit, dried fruits, seeds, jams, etc. There are limitless possibilities of ingredients and combinations, although the basic recipe stays the same, the end result is totally different.

Porridge: trendy or healthy meal? — Delicious & Sons

Porridge is usually made with whole grain oats, and according to a study from researchers at Harvard, whole grain cereals can have a long-lasting effect on your health.

We could substitute oats for rice, quinoa or other grains, however the taste and consistency would also be considerably different. The important thing is to try find how you like it best, both for taste and how its gets us going to start the day.

In our case we use whole grain oats which are gluten-free, with lactose-free oat milk, sugar free as well, and apt for vegetarians and vegans. The fun part is to find what you like best and make it yours so we also add a touch of balsamic glaze to it.

Porridge: trendy or healthy meal? — Delicious & Sons

In Instagram you can find an endless number of oatmeal recipes. These are some on accounts that we love, although there are a number of Instagrammers that delight us every day with thousands of options to inspire us to follow a lifestyle of eating healthy.


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