Cooking with Cristina Ferrer, Physical Therapist and Food Blogger

Cooking with Cristina Ferrer, Physical Therapist and Food Blogger — Delicious & Sons

Eating Well, every day, is Cristina Ferrer’s mission.

Cristina Ferrer is a physical therapist although she is turning her passion for food into a way of life. She first learned to cook in her home kitchen as a girl, watching her mother and grandmothers prepare traditional recipes with a modern-day touch, which is where Cristina currently focuses her attention.

She enjoys experimenting with new products and new recipes, discovering markets in her travels, and she loves to listen to a favorite song and sip a glass o wine as she prepares a dish of pasta.

Cristina uses her blog, “Yellowmandarin” and her social media platforms to encourage people to cook and help them organize themselves so that eating healthy can be easy, delicious, and without over complicating things.

“My favorite recipes are those that don’t require a lot of time, but create a delicious dish to serve on the table.”

I first learned about Delicious & Sons’s products thanks to Andrea Cañas.

I love the brand’s Mediterranean philosophy, the way they care about the quality of the ingredients that go into each product, ingredients that are both healthy and “homemade”.

Also, in a world full of allergy and intolerances, it is a pleasure to find products as good as they are. Organic, gluten free, non-GMO, and apt for vegans and vegetarians. Amazing products, with which you know what you are eating and are so flavorful.

The products are perfect for my type of cooking, they help you add that special touch to simple dishes and convert them into something delicious, and they are very easy to use since they are ready to eat, or can be used as an ingredient or part of a sauce.

All of the products are excellent but my favorites are:

  • Black Truffle & Mushroom Sauce
  • Spicy Black Olive Spread
  • All of the Tomato Sauces, directly on pasta or to cook with
  • And I can’t forget the Aiolis, egg-free, made only with garlic and oil, following the most traditional recipe… Delicious!

I think they are ideal for everyone who likes to eat well, care about what they eat, and have quality ingredients on hand to make cooking easy. But also they are great for those that don’t want to complicate things in the kitchen but at the same time do want to sacrifice on taste or quality. I love having them in my pantry, with just two products you can throw together a meal, and if you take them when you travel you are guaranteed a good meal and a great travel partner.

I’ve created these easy, tasty recipes which are great for a simple mid-week meal and work just as well for a dinner at home with friends and family.


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