We believe in organic farming as a principle of sustainability

Mediterranean flavor direct to your palate, we believe in organic farming as a principle of sustainability. We cultivate its essence to concentrate it in a bottle, so that you can feel it!

We know our seeds.

Local growers pamper them in the sun until they become nutrient-packed vegetables. We produce only what we need, and we cultivate in the only possible way: taking care of the land so that it takes care of us. That’s the secret to making our pasta sauces taste real.

Vegetables are cooked where they are grown.

Our sauces and condiments are authentically local: from the field to the kitchen.

A piece of the Mediterranean ready to eat and bring joy to your plate.

Every day, with family and friends, we offer you simple recipes, like the ones at home. Sauces, condiments, and vegetable spreads that offer an easy solution in fast-paced times, to be able to eat delicious and healthy, bringing joy to your plate.

Like the Mediterranean, our products are healthy living.

Our certifications prove it and also make us the most inclusive: so, everyone at the table can enjoy!


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